Saturday, September 25, 2010

And now the end is near...

Hey Gang

This will probably be the last post of the holiday (unless i get really bored in Abu Dhabi airport) oh what fun times we have had over the last 7 weeks. But anyway i am not going to get all sentimental on you... i will inform you of what we have been up to in the capital!

We got into Dublin smack bang in the middle of peak hour traffic on Thursday.. URGH that does not make for a happy navigator.. but we got here safe and sound which is the main thing!. So after getting settled into our accommodation we decided to walk into town (which is a good 20 min walk from where we are staying) and have a potter around Dublin town. We walked up O'Connell street and walked up Henry Street mainly on a search for the only store in the whole ROI that sells Privateer Press Products.... because Nath was getting some slight withdrawals. Thank god we found it and it was open so his cravings were then satisfied. We then went for dinner at a place on O'Connell street, it was actually reasonably priced (which was a turn up). We then decided to walk back to the accommodation and when we were about half way there the heavens just opened and we got drenched (as Nath said at the time our little umbrella was just delaying the inevitable soaking). By the time we got to our accommodation we looked like drowned rats. We then proceeded to attempt to use the little hairdryer to dry our shoes... Nath shorted it a few times so then the task was given to me and urgh after 7 weeks in runners blow drying those bad boys STANK!!!

So thank goodness yesterdays weather was nicer because that night did not leave Nath with a good impression of Dublin. So yesterday we set out to explore the city. We started off by investigating something we had found the night before but decided not to go into it. It is an exhibition called Game On. It was basically a gamers dream. They had 120 playable games on loads of different platforms from the last 30-40 years. They had everything from Pong to Guitar Hero... and if i am to make a confession... as you all know i don't like computer games / console games mainly because i am hopeless at them... but i really enjoyed myself!! it was so much fun playing all sorts of old games... needless to say i sucked at all of them and Nath kept challenging me in fighting games (all of which i lost except 1 where i kept pushing him off the edge and winning by default) but it was a blast!

So after the nerd-a-thon we decided to go on a historical walking tour, i highly recommend it even though our guide was a bit all over the shop in his explanations of things. We both really enjoyed the tour and it was very informative. During the tour we noticed heaps of buildings promoting Culture Night.. which was on that night and it meant that lots of Dublin attractions were open until about 10pm. We took advantage of this fact and headed to the Book of Kells in Trinity College. I had already seen the book but I was still in awe of it. I hope Nath enjoyed it, but he is getting very Jack like in his responses... as in all he tends to say is good :P We then went to dinner and headed back to the accommodation.

Which rings us to today... the last day I don't know what we will do, but i am sure we will fill you in on it nevertheless.

See you soon :)

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