Monday, September 6, 2010

Road Trip UK - Day 3 & 4

Hey gang

Day 3 - So yesterday was our first full day in York. We started the day seeing the Jorvik Viking Center. We both really enjoyed the center we did however think it was a tad short. After leaving Jorvik we went to Barley Hall (which is a medieval house). I found Barley Hall more informative than Jorvik and a tad more interesting, Nath found it meh. They had herbal remedies to ward off the plague (i thought this was a good idea given my cough). After Barley Hall we went for lunch, we had fish and chips.. it was delicious! After lunch we just pottered around for a few hours before returning to our accommodation. We then pottered around the house before heading out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Day 4 - We started today with a free walking tour of York. It was really interesting because it took us to places in the city that we had not yet been to. We also got to walk on the wall! After the walking tour we went to a barber shop so Nath could get a hair cut & chop trim. This wouldnt usually be blog worthy except one of the barbers was about to go on lunch and said to Nath "I will get my colleague to cut your hair, you look like you will take a while and this gentlemen here looks simple" needless to say this cracked me up! The haircut was a success, after leaving the barber shop we went to the post office to post back some stuff and then had lunch. I persuaded Nath to try a pasty and they were delicious! We finished up our day (and time) in York at the Castle Museum. Nath went in to the museum thinking it was a museum about castles... not the case (as i could have explained if he had asked). It was a bit of an everything museum.. i really liked it. They had a special exhibition on the 60's... man i wish i could have been a hippy it looks like so much fun!

So that is our time in York, tonight we are going to the pub next door for dinner and then tomorrow we are off to Scotland!

Until next time

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