Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ireland : almost home time

Hey gang

My goodness i thought that we were blogging more often - apparently not!

So well lots has happened since Nath last blogged, the day that we wrote the blog we were in Tuam and we just spent the day in town because the All Ireland Football final was on. Cork V Down i was very excited because Cork wears Swans colours hooray the swannies were in a grand final :P But anyway we headed to the pub that Anna Marie (one of my mates) works at and we spent the afternoon watching the match. It was so much fun even though we weren't crash hot on the rules... it was a blast! and Cork won :) hooorrraaaayyyyy.

Monday we headed off on another cross country trip, this time to Co. Meath home of Newgrange. We decided to go the back way mainly so we could see more than just the motorway! It took us though lots of small towns i was very impressed with my navigational skills (if i have to say myself) and we only had to make 1 u-turn!. When we got to Co. Meath we headed into Drogheda for a wander around. We saw the preserved head of a saint... very cool, we also went Millmont which is a military fort on the top of a hill... it was very interesting and our guide was lovely! We spent the night in a B&B outside Slane and met 2 couples from Texas there, they were very keen on chatting to us and telling us all about their adventures!

The next morning we headed to Newgrange, this was just mind blowing. I studied a bit about this in Art class (gotta love Irish schools) and still it just blew my mind! It was so mysterious and just had a very mythical atmosphere around it. Although it was slightly broken by the 2 men mowing the lawn on top of the monument.. that made us laugh. We then just headed back to Tuam and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon.

Yesterday we planned on spending the whole day in Galway.... well a much needed sleep in got in the way. We ended up in Galway at about 1 and then just pottered around for a while before meeting Cormac for Tea. He then gave us a little walking tour to places in Galway i had never been to, so that was fun. After we said our goodbyes we headed out to see my friend Dani at her job in an adventure center in Connemara. For those who don't know Connemara it is very rugged and beautiful. Kind of like going though the Scottish highlands actually, but there are free range sheep that you have to watch out for, because not only do they walk on the road... they tend to like to sleep on it also! We had dinner with Dani and it was just wonderful! but given that where she lives is about a 2 hour drive from Tuam we didn't get home until late.

So that leaves today. We were meant to get up and get going to Dublin but once again we are taking our time and just taking things slow. So the plan is to head to Dublin shortly and spend 2 days sightseeing and then jump on a plane and we will be home before you know it :)

See you then

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