Saturday, September 4, 2010

Road Trip - UK Day 1-2

Hey Gang

So we have started Phase 3 of our holiday, the road trip across the United Kingdom.

It started yesterday as we made our way from London to Nottingham by train. In Nottingham we picked up our car (which Nath has decided to name, nothing at the moment we are still deciding) and then we drove to Warhammer World. Now for those readers who are less nerdy than some, Warhammer world is about the nerdiest place on the planet because it is the HQ for games workshop the creators of Warhammer & Warhammer 40k. So basically Nath was in Nerd boy heaven! and before you say anything yes I actually enjoyed myself too! We planned on making our trip to Warhammer World a short one but one thing lead to another and we spent a good 3 hours there... which then meant that we missed out on seeing Nottingham... but we did drive through Sherwood Forrest on the way out, so we didn't miss everything (oh well something for next trip!).

After leaving Nottingham we navigated ourselves to our first B&B for the trip, in a tiny town called (sleepy town) Ragnall (it is near Lincon). It was a pretty uneventful drive, although it did prompt us to invent Tractor Bingo as our new game!

We then got settled in our B&B and met our host Sue, she was very lovely. We then decided to have a powernap to re fresh our batteries before heading out to find some dinner. I managed to convince Nath that the best place to find dinner in small English towns is a local pub, and seeing that Ragnall did not in fact have a local we ventured into another small town that we drove though... Turxton (mainly because we liked the name). We then went into the only pub in Turxton (it had many) that didn't sell food... I was disappointed, but in the long run this was an excellent decision because if we had found food we would not have found... The Crab and Mussel. It is a seafood restaurant and to be honest we were a bit hesitant when we walked in (given that we aren't on the coast.. and the menu didn't help... weird menu) but oh my goodness if you ever find yourselves in downtown Turxton... do your self a favour and go! it is some of the nicest seafood i have ever eaten.. yummo!

The next day after the first of many English Breakfasts we set off to York where we will be spending the next 3 nights. York is a beautiful city, we spent the day just wandering around and making a list of what we want to do over the next few days. We then went to our accommodation in a small town about 5 miles out of York called Shipton. Our hostess Bron greeted us on the lawn and we sat down and had tea and scones with her. When her husband John came home we then met Kelby... their Springer Spaniel and oh my goodness it is Paddy's English cousin, this dog is just so friendly (like its owners). After getting to know our host's we decided to go and see a movie (as you do on holidays) we went to see Scott Pilgram V The World.... if you haven't seen it i wont spoil it for you.. but go and see it! it is awesome.. we laughed and laughed, it was a very cool end to a very lovely day.

On to the main sites of York tomorrow :)

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