Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fiddley-dee Potatoes

Top 'o the mornin' to ye

If you haven't guessed already we are in Ireland :D and I (Sarah) am just beaming from ear to ear.

We will start this post back in Glasgow... we got information from flight center that our flight was at 3.25 so being good kids we got to the airport at the suggested 3 hours before departure... however.. it had changed... our flight was now at 5.45 oh well it is just another 2 hours you say... well the flight was delayed.... only until 6.30 but when you got to the airport at 12... you start getting a tad annoyed and there isn't that much to do at Glasgow airport!!

In the end we got to our destination (Tuam) and I had a wonderful (if not a tad short because it was 11pm by the time we arrived) catch up with Miss Erika.

The next morning we spent in downtown Tuam. I showed Nath all the sights and we caught up with my twinny Aine (seriously we are born on the same day). After the catch up with Aine we had lunch and then headed down to the Ring of Kerry. We stayed in a nice hotel in Kilarney for the evening and went to bed early in preparation for the next day.

The next day we left Kilarney and started to drive the ring. We did what the lovely gentleman in a shop we went in told us, we drove around it anti-clockwise.. although i don't know why he said that... you see the same stuff no matter which way you drive.. The ring of Kerry is only about 200km long so you can easily do it in a day.. we decided to take our time and do it over 2. So on the way to our half way point we stopped in a few places and took a few de-tours. We stopped in a recreated 18th century uh bog village... it was interesting, they had ponies and Irish wolfhounds :) We then drove to Cahersiveen (where we were staying the night) and we pottered around there for a while, saw some cool castle ruins and partly drove around the Skellig trail.

Well that brings you up to date, we will post again soon :)

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