Sunday, September 12, 2010

UK road trip - the final leg

Hey gang

I officially have (as Nath has put it) my mojo back!!!

We are sitting in an Internet place in sunny Glasgow at the moment so i will fill you in on our adventures yesterday!

We left Inverness and headed to Culloden. For those not in the know... Culloden is where the Jacobites were defeated by the government forces during the rebellion with Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Now going into Culloden it is safe to say that i wasn't really keen... but once i was there i really enjoyed myself. Just what happened there was so heartbreaking, the government lost 50 men... the Jacobites lost 1,500.... just really sad stuff.... however i really recommend you go there if you are ever in the area.. the visitors center is really educational and you get to go for a guided tour of the actual battlefield!

Unfortunately for us, the weather decided to turn Scottish right as we were touring the battlefield.. not pleasant! The weather then proceeded to follow us to Glasgow. On the way to Glasgow we stopped at Loch Ness. I loved Loch Ness even though the visitors center we went to was like BAM every photo of the monster is fake... which i already knew but i still liked believing in the myth. Although there was an interesting fact... there is enough water in Loch Ness to submerge the worlds population three times over! which i wouldn't have believed going into it because i honestly didn't realise the place was so big... it is HUGE.. and it just keeps going...

Anyway the drive to Glasgow took us though the Highlands, which meant wonderful scenery for me... terrible roads for Nath. But we got here safe and sound, that's the main thing.

So in a few hours we will be heading to the airport to say farewell to the Blackmobile (oh by the way that is what we named the car) and head on over to Ireland for the final phase of our excellent adventure.

So i will post then!

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