Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ireland: post 2

greetings blog readers,

Nathan here yet again i have usurped the power of the blog to write to you.

When we last left of we were half way around the ring of Kerry, The second day around the ring we mainly drove we took the advice of out B&B host Thomas and went and drove around Valentine Island. This was a lovely place there were a couple of things to do but as typical for Ireland it was rainy and windy hence staying in the car and driving. We then headed on around the ring and completed it. We stopped in Kilarney for lunch with nothing interesting to report and then made our way to our next nights accommodation. We stayed at the laked side Hotel and this place was amazing and considering i normally just state that things are good that is an awesome comment. This place was very swish and was lovely it was nice to just bum around and have a couple of drinks at the bar (as it was still raining out side SURPRISE).

The next day we headed off to Cork BTW when we left there was a whole lot of rich people with awesome vintage cars don't know much about cars but they were cool. The drive to Cork was uneventful along with the day around Cork. The highlight for Sarah in Cork was visiting Eddie rockets a 1950's style of diner. We then went to our accommodation White lodge it was nice we lookedaround the local area and called it a night.

The next day we were cooked a Irish breakfast by our lovely eccentric host Oliver, he is a champion of a bloke and was happy to chat about the local area and point out some things to do. We then made the long Haul back to Tuam for Erika's birthday party. It was a 4 hour drive when you take into account all of the road works and traffic build up as a result (i think Ireland is on a massive road build-a-thon) We then did some maintience and made a Quick Call into Galway and picked up Sarah's friend Cormac.

When then spent the night at Erika's party, when i asked Sarah to describe Erika's party in three words she could not and therefore i will describe as interesting when i though i could understand the Irish it just got a whole lo more Irish like with a slur and yeah a lot of nodding and smiles were employed.

The next morning was a slow started we headed into Galway again as there is not an awful lot in Tuam and we walked around with Erika and just took it easy. He went into down town metropolis Tuam to one the the fifty thousand places to drink for some traditional music and some Guinness.

We have slowed down a lot now we are in Ireland not seeing as much or doing as much just relaxing and catching up with people.

Stay tuned for the next post were Sarah will have possibly wrestled blogging power from me and will return to blogging as per normal.

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