Thursday, September 2, 2010

Topdeck... the end :(

Hey Gang

I am writing to you from our hotel room in London because it has come to that sad time where our Topdeck tour has finished :(

However we did have lots of fun on the way so i will let you know what we have been up to these last few days...

So last post was done on the travel day to Berlin, just like all travel days... a bit of a non-event but it is essential! So then we had our free day in Berlin... which is where i met up with Sandra who i haven't seen since we finished our exchange year together.. it was such a blast, Berlin is an amazing city it is such a old city but it feels so new because after WW1 & WW2 most things had to be rebuilt. We did a third Reich walking tour which was interesting, the thing that shocked me... the bunker that Hitler killed himself in (which is a very important moment in history) is now a car park... i was a tad underwhelmed! So yea i had a wonderful day... I could have easily spent more time in Berlin.

After Berlin we had our travel day to Amsterdam which was plagued by yet another traffic jam, this one was so bad we all got off the bus to have a wander around! By the time we got to Amsterdam is was well after dark which was perfect for... a tour of the red light district! One half of what this city is famous for! It was an.. uh interesting experience. After that we just headed back to the hostel to call it a night.

Our free day in Amsterdam was unusual, mainly because all the things that people said we should see in the city (Anne Franks house etc.) we just weren't interested in.. so we spend the day wandering around town, that night we had our farewell dinner at a floating Chinese restaurant... which was so tasty! after that we did a canal cruise which was an excellent way to see the city!

Our last day was a travel day back to London. This was something i have been looking forward to the whole trip because.... we stopped in Bruge! now as some of you may know "In Bruge" is one of my favourite films and my favourite line in it is "What the f*** is there to do in Bruge".. well I can now safely say.. not much other than visiting chocolate shops... which we did :) But it was still cool to do and it has added another country to the list :)

So that is it, we all said our goodbyes and parted ways.. so as of tomorrow we start phase 3 of our holiday.. the road trip!

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