Friday, September 10, 2010

Uk Road Trip Day 5 -

Hey Gang

Whoops sorry for the delay in posting, we have just been a tad slack and not all places have had somewhere to use the interwebs :P

So... Day 5

We left York and drove north to Peebles, now this drive if you take the motorway should take approx 3 hours, but Nath and I thought that if we take the motorway we won't get to see anything other than.. well motorway, so we decided to take the coastal route... which took a fair bit longer, i think we were driving for about 8 hours (including a stop). The way took us past some very quaint villages (one called Powburn, which Nath insisted on stopping at! Because i needed a stop) and we also stopped in Whitby, which we both agreed is a lovely place and it turned out that Captain Cook did his Seamens apprentiship there so there was a monument to him and a museam that we could have visited but we just didnt have time. So after that it was on to Peebles, now as some of you may or may not know the reason why we travelled to Peebles is because of our accomindation there.. Now i keep referring to it as a castle it was infact more like a manor home that looked like a castle but oh my goodness it was amazing. It was nice, it was very fancy, the dinner we had was outstanding, the food was very fine dinning which was not something that this trip has been renowned for. We stayed in at the castle for the evening enjoying the luxurioush surroundings rather than exporling the Scottish border country.

Day 6 (BTW if you have not figured it out Sarah stopped typing somewhere in the above because she lost the power to type and I Nathan have taken comand of this sinking ship that is this blogpost)

We had a very slow start to the day, not leaving Peebles until 11ish, we then made our way to Edinburgh. We then spent the day walking around Edinbrugh with no plans or goals for the day apart from the Vaults tour. It was rather nice just not doing much and enjoying the passing bys of another city. The vaults where interestingm, with out getting technical like i tend to do basicly its a burried bridge with many vault like rooms.

We then went to our accomodation in Tarnent, this was another lovely B&B but this time there was one old english sheep dog and one young english sheep dog. Both were addorable and Sarah wished to take them home, i convinced her this was not a good plan. We had a pub meal in Tarent and a couple of pints and that was a close to that day.

Day 7

Saw us travelling to Inverness via Stirling. In stirling we saw Stiriling Caslte and the William Wallace monument both of these were educational and entertaining, and if you are a nerd like me both well worth a look. The Willam Wallace momuent stair case of 246 odd stairs was a very tight spiral stair case that is apparently boths ways ie people comming up and down the one stair case (possible a design flaw). Also one comment about stirling Castle the Stwarts were possible the shortest royal family of all time as even sarah managed to bump her head aginst many doorways within stirling castle.
We then made our way to the Highlands, we had dinner at a Pub in inverness that contained a Thai restruant, had not encountered this combination before. It is a that this dinner i have finally made the conclusion that Sarah is much (to the power of 4) better at picking meals and random beers than i am. Her meal and beer choices are that much better that i am honsetly thinking that i will get Sarah to pick my food and beverage for the rest of the trip.

Day 8

Also known by the the travelers on this trip as the Whisky-a-thon. We travelled 2 hours east of Inverness to go the the Cardhu distillery for the Aromas and flovours tour. Did you know that Cardhu supplies Johnnie walker with one of the major parts in their blend? This was a blast as at the end we tasted different types of Whisky, this gave us the oppurtunity to discern what types we liked. We then headed for Benromach Distillery this part of the trip ended up via Forres as we becoame a little directonaly challenged and required some help. Benromach is a tiny little distillery and the tour was similar but differnt to the other as it was a litle more hands on. Our tour guide was another Jim bringingn the tour guides named Jim total to 3. We enjoyed the Whisky at Benromach a liitle more for reasons of taste.

That brings you the valued viewer right up to date as if i was to type any more i would be informing you of the update of the blog. Hopefully Sarah will get her blog Mojo back for the next installment so you will not have to endure my horendus spelling and paragrah structue.

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  1. lol good to see your drinking england dry , cya when u get back , safe travel the pair of you