Sunday, August 29, 2010

Topdeck... oh my god so many days that we have forgotten to do!!!

Hey Gang

Sarah is back, sorry for the interruption to transmission :P

So at the moment we are in Berlin... now you may say (if you are looking at a map) oh wow Budapest to Berlin in a day is a massive drive.... well it would be... turns out we havent updated the blog for a while... and i have about 4-5 days to catch up on :( so without further adu... here is what has been going on so far...

Leaving Budapest we had a travel day to Krakow... nothing much to say about this travel day... mainly because neither of us can remeber much of it... it was a bit of a non-event really :P

Krakow ... i will start by saying that i just wasnt blown away by Krakow... yes it was pretty, like most European cities but nothing there made me go wow.... however... i do believe my reasoning for this is because i am sick.. the whole bus has a cough. The most awesome thing was... 1 Euro was 4 Zloty and everything is cheap... a beer for 50 euro cents... yes please :)

As Nathan has reminded me, there was one thing that made me go wow... the salt mine that we visited.. it was really beautiful and really interesting given that i have never been to a salt mine before :)

Next day was the day on the tour that I was looking forward to the most... and the least at the same time, it was our visit to Auschwitz. We left Krakow really early so we could get a good 3 hours at Auschwitz before heading to Prague. Auschwitz was very moving, as i expected.. but what i wasn't prepared for was the sheer size of the place and the amount of things that were on display. For example they had a whole room full of shoes of the people who were killed in the gas chambers... like i said really moving stuff.

After leaving we encountered something that so far we have been lucky enough to avoid... a traffic jam.. oh and this was a mother of all traffic jams it took us 2 hours to move 12km.. not impressed, we didnt get into Prague until 9.30ish... and given that we were on the bus to Auschwitz at 6.30.... it was a loooooong day!

Then, as is becomming the pattern, we had a free day in Prague. We started the day with the walking tour that we missed the night before which is a really good way to see a city! after that finished we pottered around and found a few shops to look in (once again... really cheap this time 1 euro was 25 crowns) then we headed back to the room as neither of us had managed to shake our colds...

Phew, and that is what we have been up to the last few days...

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