Wednesday, August 4, 2010

London - Day 1

Hey gang

So we have finally touched down in London.

It is amazing, we were a little jet lagged (to say the least) so we decided to spend the day just pottering around.

We saw most of the major touristy things, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street etc.

Photos to come (we forgot to bring the USB to the Internet cafe - Internet in our room is too expensive £5 an hour, no thank you... we will take the £1 an hour option over the road!!)

So yea, today we are off to the Natural History Museum, should be a blast!

We will add photos of today and yesterday tomorrow :)

Edit: I cannot manage to get these stuuupid photos to work... so for the old ones we will just do 1 photo per post :)

Sarah & Nath

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  1. Check out the Library at some point while you're in London. The original hand-written Alice In Wonderland, Beatles lyrics, all sorts of totally awesome stuff on display in there. Also, climb on the lions at Trafalgar Square - nobody minds, and it makes a cool photo. :)