Sunday, August 15, 2010

Topdeck day 7 & 8

Hey gang

So we have realised that updating this everyday on the topdeck tour is going to get a bit difficult so we have found an Internet cafe in Nice... prepare for an update!!!!

Day 7 of our adventure saw us starting our topdeck tour.. we all met at a hostel in Kings Cross in London (at stupid o'clock) and ventured down to Dover... we then jumped on the ferry across the channel... it was pissing down rain so our view of the cliffs was slightly dampened (love a good pun)

When we got off in France we bussed it to Paris. it was dinner time once we got there and we got to sample our first french thing.... Snails!! We both really liked them... i was prepared for the worst, but they were really tasty!

After this we went on a bus tour of Paris, this was really cool because we got to see things that we could explore in further detail tomorrow on our free day.

Day 8 was a day for us to explore Paris. we did the usual stuff (Eiffel Tower & Arc De Triumph) but we also saw Madeline's Church & Napoleon's tomb... And we had a chance to butcher the French language which we did in spectacular fashion! The day got capped off with a picnic under the Eiffel Tower and a visit to the Cabaret.

Photos to come!!

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