Monday, August 9, 2010

London Day 3

Hey Gang

Today was really cool.

We started off by going to the Tower of London, somewhere that i have never been before... let me tell you it was just so cool, the history of that place just blew my mind!

There was a really awesome exhibition on whilst we were there, it was the armour worn by the various kings, King Henry VIII was a big boy! his armour looked very... roomy!

After our little wander around we met up with my Aunty Shaz, Uncle Bren and their son Jim who actually moved to Mongolia in i think April... so it was such a weird thing to meet up with them in London of all places!

We had a pub lunch and then parted ways saying we would meet back up later at....

The Brittish Beer Festival in Earls Court!!!!! Oh it was just the most random thing i have ever been to! It was a massive room... full of different stalls selling beer.... We sampled a few and found a few we liked... a few feral ones too.... the only problem was... it was all warm i must admit that did put me off it a bit :(

But apart from that it was a wonderful day!

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  1. lol warm beer , do the brits ever learn that its better cold