Monday, August 9, 2010

London Day 5

Hey Gang

So today we decided that whoops we havent done as much as we thought we had.. so today was a cram-a-thon!!

We started our Cram-a-thon by going to the London Dungeon. Which was terrorfying (for me anyway) because as you all know (and Nathans family will confirm) I jump at EVERYTHING... a dog 3 houses down just has to bark and i will jump out of my skin.... so after being all "yea this will be awesome" i was a tad code brown! But it was all harmless fun... and i learnt some things, but yea was a little scared :P Nath was cool, nothing phases him :P

After the Dungeon we decided to head over to the Imperial War Museam... it was alright, I didnt really like the style to be honest they had alot of things behind cabnets of uniforms and stuff but no real story behind it all... basically i thought the War Memorial in Canberra was better... but it was still good to go... they had tanks... Tanks are cool :) Nathan loved every moment.. which made me happy :)

We then ventured over to the Churchill War rooms, which was again different... over here they are big on Audio guides... which again... i dont really like, i would rather read and do things at my own pace, where as with an audio guide you have to go at the pace they say... and you look like a bit of a knob with the thing always up to ear.. but anyway enough of my mini rant... it was cool, different but cool! I have decided that i really like ol' Winston... i think he was an amazing man and i really couldnt leave the gift shop without buying a book of his quotes :)

After that we went for a bit of a stroll around and took in Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, which was cool but we were both getting a bit over doing the whole tourist thing.. so we called it a day!


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