Monday, August 9, 2010

London Day 4.5

Hey Gang

The unthinkable has happened..... i forgot a whole day!!! I can see you tut-ing now about how much i have drunk etc. but seriously i haven't been drinking... I am just having too much fun i am forgetting to post everyday which means i forget things (aka days)!!

So here is day 4.5 ... which was (funnily enough) in between day 4 (road trip) and day 5 (dungeon).

This unforgettable day started with a jaunt over to the British Museum, we saw a lot of cool things. The place was so huge that we didn't get to see everything we wanted to (it just would have taken forever) but we did see the big ones like the Rosetta Stone, Aztec mosaics, Easter Island statue and the Mummies.

After that we went to see St Paul's cathedral. After paying our £12.50 each (!!!!!!!) to get in we were in there for approximately 10 mins (i know because i checked our ticket) when the fire alarm went off and we all got ushered out back into the cold. (ok it wasn't actually that cold but i was annoyed that we were only there for 10 mins) So we waited outside whilst preists were talking on their walkie talkies (the coolest sight i have ever seen!!!) and after about half an hour we were allowed back in. Once in we resumed seeing things and we decided to be brave and climb the tower (thing). It was 3 levels of spiral stairs (i am sooooo over spiral stairs) and i think there was something like 500 steps in total... it was a work out but the view from the top was just spectacular!

After all that exercise we basically shut up shop and went home... we were just so tired, our hotel bed had never looked so comforting...


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