Monday, August 9, 2010

London Day 4

Hey Gang

Today was our tour day

We planned to have a day to break up our time in London to venture off somewhere so today we hopped on our bus tour and headed to Winsor Castle, Bath & Stonehenge!

Winsor Castle... sigh for the first time in my life i want to be a princess... like an actual princess like i would put up with one of the ugly princes if it meant i could live in Winsor Castle.... it was just ... oh ... it was beautiful. Actually that is probably a word i can use to sum up the whole day... beautiful!

After that we went to Bath... which i have decided is somewhere to venture back to on our next trip... we went in to see the Roman Baths... I was a sneaky sausage and put my hand in the bath... it was really warm i could have loved to put my feet in but there was big signs saying not too and i didnt want to break the law (too much) Bath is such a beautiful city, the views we got going in and leaving just took your breath away... which is a nice segway on to...

Stonehenge!!!! Welcome to the king of taking my breath away (well so far on the holiday anyway) it was just so ...... i really dont have any words to describe it, i was just blown away at the size and it really got me thinking how the frick did they do that!!

It was a really cool day, and a really good way to break up the time in London!

No photos as yet, because Nath doesnt want to put them on the USB until they all have their proper names.... crazy kid!

Anyway on to tomorrow :)


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