Thursday, August 5, 2010

London - Day 2

Hey Gang

So yesterday was A-MAZE-ING!!!!!!!

We went to the natural history mueseum and saw some very cool dinosaur skeletons.... I saw a Tricerotops... that just made my day.. :D

But the dinosaurs were very quickly topped by the butterfly enclosure.... OH MY GOODNESS they were just amazing (and yet again we have forgotten the USB.....) One landed on me.... and just chilled on me for a few minutes... it was amazing! and to my surprise Nath had a blast... He wasn't keen to start off with, but the butterflys quickly won him over!

After that we ventured to the Visitors center in Regent Street to get ideas (not that we really needed more but ya know...) and then we had the nicest McDonalds i have ever had in my entire life... ok i know that is lame and we shouldnt be having Maccas on holidays but seriously guys it was the NICEST Maccas ever!!!

After our Maccas delights we went to the (second) happiest place on earth... Hamleys!!!! Ahh it was brilliant! 5 floors of toys.. needless to say we were in heaven!!! We couldnt leave without buying something... so we brought Lego :)

We then went back to our hotel to freshen up and hit the town!

We went out to see a show... The Lion King... it was just spectacular, the costumes were brilliant and it was kinda cool to go to a musical where you know all the words :D

Well we better be off, we are meeting my uncle and aunt soon :)

Sarah & Nath

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