Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Topdeck Day 13 & 14

Hey Gang

Day 13 was a driving day to Florence, that is really all we did because by the time we got there it was late afternoon so we went swimming!!! hooray i missed out on swimming in Nice because of dodgy weather so it was lovely! We then had our first proper italian meal... Pasta, Pizza & Gilato! it was just delicious... and of course Red Wine... yum-o!

Day 14 started with a walking tour of Florence, what a beautiful city, we saw a replica of the statue of David, it was amazing and it was only the replica


Ok new place, new internet i shall continue.... so after our walking tour of Florence we got a leather demonstration and got told how they make various leather things, it was very interesting. We then got to explore on our own which was cool re-visiting the sites that we skimmed over on the walking tour. After that we jumped back on the bus and headed to Rome. Once we got into Rome we were straight on it with a walking tour of the city, we saw all the big things like the Roman Forums and the Coliseum... but we also saw some less known stuff like the steps where Ceaser was stabbed 21 times... as you do!


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