Sunday, August 15, 2010

Topdeck day 11 & 12

Hey Gang

Day 11 we left Lauterbrunnen on our way to Nice. It is a long drive to Nice.... a very long drive, we left our campsite at 8am... arrived in Nice at 7pm... apparently it doesn't usually take this long but we were stuck in some pretty heavy traffic jams, not fun! It was cool on the way here we passed through a 14km tunnel even i was getting a little thingy towards the end of it!

Day 12 we spend as a free day in Nice, we have spend most of the day exploring this beautiful town... we went sunbathing on the beach because by the ti,e we ventured to the beach for a swim the water was too choppy to swim in (according to the life guards, it looked ok to me) tonight we will be travelling to nearby Monte Carlo which we are both looking forward to, and with that i better go and get changed, until next time!

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