Sunday, August 22, 2010

Topdeck day 18 &19

Hey gang

Day 18 was a travel day from Venice to Vienna... and I am guilty of getting the two confused... not in the fact that i think one is the other but that i will say i am in Venice when really i am in Vienna.

On the way to our hostel we stopped by the summer place of the ex royal family, phor the place was just beautiful! We just spent the whole time wandering around the gardens, we were on the lookout for wildlife and we even found some squirrels :) One of the people on our tour fainted whilst we were there so unfortunately that kind of killed the driving tour we had afterwards (because Rich our tour leader had to go with him to hospital) our Latvian driver Ray attempted to tell us about things a great line was "that statue on the top of that building is the same as one i saw in Germany... I am sure that means something" lol it was a laugh!

We finished the night with some proper Vienna Schnitzels... so tasty!!

Day 19 was a free day to explore Vienna, Rich gave us the proper driving tour which was interesting learning all about Austria's history.. i really enjoy the introductions to each city that he gives, it is always very educational! After the walking tour we just pottered around... i am enjoying doing that on the free day, not doing much just letting the city flow by.. although i am kinda annoyed it is Sunday... and NOTHING is open, which is annoying because there were some very funky shops that i wanted to sus out, also i could not find a tacky souvenir shop anywhere which means... my pin collection will be incomplete :( i am kicking myself for not getting one the day before!

So i am actually writing this at about 3pm on day 19, at 3.30 we will be meeting up with our tour and heading off to a Schnapps place, should be interesting and then for dinner we are going to a classical musical concert which i am also looking forward to... so i better get a move on!

Until next time :)

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