Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Deck Day 20 & 21

Dear valued viewers,

you can tell by the opening that I Nathan have decided to take control and make a post on the blog rather than leaving it up to Sarah.

Day 20 we left Vienna and traveled into Slovakia to its capital Bratislava. We were not aware that we would actually be going to Bratislava so it was a pleasant surprise. Bratislava is a rather nice place it has an interesting mix of pre-Communist, Communist and post-Communist buildings and history. We walked around the castle and then the old town, we saw a canon ball stuck in the side of the town hall from when Napoleon attacked the city. We then had some traditional Slovakian meals for lunch, these were incredibly tasty and cheap (double bonus).

We then continued on to Hungary and Budapest (pronounced budapeschet). Did you know that Hungary still has its own currency? We did not - therefore we learnt something new. As soon as we arrived we went on a driving tour seeing many of the sights including the Russian liberation monument, Hero Square, Fishermans bastion and St. Istvans Basilica. We then had dinner and can i say that Hungary is named Hungary for a reason because i think we waited about 2 hours to be fed. Me being me a tried something different (livers sausages and some strange mammoth dumpling) and it was not a taste sensation, leaving me rather hungry and not impressed. BTW Sarahs meal was awesome she went the safe option i.e. a meal not containing liver sausages.

Day 21 saw us out and about exploring down town Budapest, me made our way to the Chain Bridge to book a dinner cruise for that evening, we then made our way to St Istavan's (Stephen's) Basilica to see the famous right hand of the saint king St Istvan himself. To my bitter disappointment the chapel containing the hand was closed for private worship - a seeing the hand fail. We then went to the house of Terror, a museum of the history of Hungary and its occupation under the Nazi and soviet regimes. This museum explores the treatment of the Hungarian people under the Nazi and Soviet rules. The Building that contains the museum was the original AVO building (AVO was the Hungarian equivalent of the Russian secret police the KGB). We then went to Hero square to check it out and then went looking for the game hungry hungry Hippos, because Sarah and i both agreed that it would be a good idea to purchase the said game in Hungary. Alas this endeavour met a similar end as the viewing of Saint Istvan's right hand as we were unable to find the game. The last thing we did was to go on our dinner cruise along the Danube. Sarah really like this,to quote Sarah "the dinner cruise is the highlight of the holiday so far". I think it was very nice, we saw all of the sights along the river at sunset and then also saw them lit up after dark and the meal was enjoyable.

Over all Budapest is a very interesting place btw we saw like 6 car crashes in our day and a bit, love the building architecture and cruise was nice

stay tuned for the next post when Sarah will return to the posting seat.

Nathan and Sarah

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